Dvar Torah Index – Parashat Vayera

פרשת וירא

Parashat Vayera with Rashi’s Commentary in Hebrew and English

Amar, Dr. Zohar – The Broom Usually Grows in the Wilderness

Amital, R. Yehuda – “Avraham, Avraham!”

Amital, R. Yehuda – The Message of Mila

Amital, R. Yehuda – An Exalted Faith

Amital, R. Yehuda – Lessons of the Akeida

Amital, R. Yehuda – The Joining of Heaven and Earth

Aviner, R. Shlomo – The Trial

Bar-Maoz, Yonah – What had Sarah seen?

Bar-Maoz, Yonah – When Seeing is More than Sight

Bar-Maoz, Yonah – Don’t Feed the Angels

Barzilai, Gaby – An Ancient Commentary from Qumran on the Sodomites’ Retribution

Beasley, R. Yaakov – The Finances of the Forefathers – Part 2

Berger, R. Shalom – Avraham’s Mission

Bick, R. Ezra – Vayeira

Brovender, R. Chaim – Vayera 5765

Brovender, R. Chaim – Vayera 5763

Brovender, R. Chaim – Vayera 5761

Brovender, R. Chaim – Vayera 5760

Eldar, R. Itamar – “And the Lord Appeared to Him…And He Raised His Eyes and Looked

Fleischman, Dr. Joseph – The Expulsion of Ishmael

Granot, R. Tamir – Revelation to Avraham vs. Revelation to Moshe

Grossman, R. Yonatan – The Salvation of Lot

Grossman, R. Yonatan – News of the Birth of Yitzchak

Gruzman, Dr. Meir – Looking Down At Sodom

Haber, R. Yakov – Preserving the Miraculous (2008)

Hallamish, Prof. Moshe – Reflections on the Akedah Narrative (the Binding of Isaac)

Hattin, R. Michael – From Lekh Lekha to the Akeida

Hattin, R. Michael – Lot and Yitzchak

Hattin, R. Michael – Life’s Concentric Circles

Hattin, R. Michael – Akedat Yishmael

Hattin, R. Michael – The Sins of Sedom

Hattin, R. Michael – The Pledge of Avimelekh

Hattin, R. Michael – The Sacrifice of the Self

Israel, R. Alex – Kindness and Truth

Leibowits, Nechama – Vayeira

Levmore, Rachel – Hagar’s Tears

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – The Way of God

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – “And Abraham Returned to His Place”

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – Tzedaka and Sedom

Medan, R. Yaakov – The Way of God and the Way of Righteousness and Justice

Mishkin, R. Jonathan – Take My Son… Please

Neuberger, R. Yaakov – Shalom Bayis (2005)

Neuberger, R. Yaakov – Chesseducation (2001)

Rimon, Rabbanit Sharon – The Prophet in Prayer

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayera 5769

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayera 5768

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayera 5767

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayera 5766

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayera 5765

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayera 5764

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayera 5763

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayera 5762

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayera 5761

Rivlin Prof. Joseph – Receiving Guests in Homily and Halakhah

Rock, R. Yehuda – Avraham’s Blessing

Rosensweig, R. Michael – “Vayeira Elav Hashem”: Experiencing Hashem’s Presence

Samet, R. Elchanan – The Birth of Yitzchak and the Banishment of Hagar and Yishmael

Samet, R. Elchanan – Rashbam’s Interpretation of the Story of Avraham and the Angels

Schachter, R. Hershel – “Centrist Orthodoxy” (2000)

Schachter, R. Hershel – The Messiah Complex (2003)

Shafir, Dr. Abraham – Akedat Yitzhak-New Perspectives

Shemesh, Dr. Yael – “In Praise of Elisha”

Shimon, R. Zvi – “The Cry of Sodom”

Silverberg, R. David – Avraham’s Prophetic Stature in Parashat Vayera

Sobolofsky, R. Zvi – Ethics and Religion – the Legacy of Avraham (2006)

Taragin, R. Reuven – From Lekh Lekha Me-artzekcha to Lekh Lekha El Ha-makom A Dynasty Born of Faith

Twersky, R. Mayer – Praying for the Right Thing (2004)

Twersky, R. Mayer – Natural Law (2002)

Waxman, R. Chanoch – But My Covenant I Shall Establish with Yitzchak

Woolf, Dr. Jeffrey – Akedat Yitzchak: On the Perception of Historical Experience

Yudin, R. Benjamin – Not Only Shabbos, but Erev Shabbos (1999)

Zohar, Yael – Lot and his Daughters