Dvar Torah Index – Parashat Toldot

פרשת תולדות

Parashat Toldot (Gen. 25:19) with Rashi’s Commentary in Hebrew and English

Amital, R. Yehuda – “Avraham Begat Yitzchak”

Amital, R. Yehuda – “Behold, The Scent of My Son…”

Amital, R. Yehuda – “And Yitzchak Loved Esav”

Amital, R. Yehuda – “And May God Give You of the Dew of the Heavens”

Avioz, Dr. Michael – Esau in Josephus

Avioz, Dr. Michael – Philistines and Patriarchs

Avioz, Dr. Michael – I Have Loved You (Malachi 1,2) – The Haftarah of Parashat Toldot

Bar-Maoz, Yonah- “The Older Shall Serve the Younger”

Barkai, Dr. Yair – The Power of Prayer

Bazak, R. Amnon – The Differences Between Avraham and Yitzchak

Betzer, Dr. Zvi – Cantillation Signs: Sounds and Significance

Bick, R. Ezra – Toldot

Bick, R. Ezra – The Blindness of Yitzchak

Brovender, R. Chaim – Toldot 5763

Brovender, R. Chaim – Toldot 5761

Brovender, R. Chaim – Toldot 5760

Eldar, R. Itamar – “He Fulfills the Desire of Those Who Revere Him”

Granot, R. Tamir – Three Different Blessings

Grossman, R. Yonatan – “Avraham Bore Yitzchak…”

Hattin, R. Michael – Parashat Toldot

Hattin, R. Michael – The Legacy of Rivka

Hattin, R. Michael – Yaacov and Esav Part 1

Hattin, R. Michael – “Avraham Begat Yitzchak”

Hattin, R. Michael – “Two Nations are Within You”

Henshke, Dr. David – The Magic of Blessings

Israel, R. Alex – Birth Rights

Leibowits, Nechama – Toldos

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – Serving God: Right or Privilege?

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – “To Give You the Blessing of Avraham, To Inherit the Land”

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – “And Esav Despised the Birthright”

Medan, R. Yaakov – Esav’s Merit

Mishkin, R. Jonathan – Last Come – First Served

Neuberger, R. Yaakov – The Blessed Life (2008)

Neuberger, R. Yaakov – Two Tents of Education: The Yeshiva and the Home (2004)

Rimon, Rabbanit Sharon – The Birthright

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Toldot 5796

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Toldot 5768

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Toldot 5767

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Toldot 5766

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Toldot 5765

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Toldot 5764

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Toldot 5763

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Toldot 5762

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Toldot 5761

Rosensweig, R. Michael – Who is Yitzchak and what is his legacy? (2003)

Sacks, R. Yonasan – Selling the Bechora: How and Why (2007)

Samet, R. Elchanan – The Moral Dimension of the Story of Yitzchak’s Blessings

Samet, R. Elchanan – “And the Children Strove Within Her”

Sasson, Dr. Gilead – Criticism of the Patriarchs

Schachter, R. Hershel – The Chazir is Not Kosher (2001)

Shemesh-Gilboa, Yael – The Birth of Jacob and Esau

Sherlo, R. Yuval – Israel as the Chosen – After the Fact?

Shiloh, Dr. Yoel – Infertility as Grounds for Divorce

Shimon, R. Zvi – The Chronicles of Isaac

Silverberg, R. David – Yitzchak’s Blessings

Shvat, Ezra – The “Infinite” Value of the Total of the Angles of the Square

Walfish, R. Avraham – Toldot

Waxman, R. Chanoch – And Now my Son Listen to my Voice

Willig, R. Mordechai – Raising Children (2005)

Willig, R. Mordechai – Baruch Shepetarani (1999)

Yudin, R.Benjamin – A Man’s Work is Never Done (2006)

Yudin, R. Benjamin – Abuse it – Lose it (2002)

Yudin, R. Benjamin – Much More Than Sibling Rivalry (2000)

Zoldan, R. Judah – Is not Esau a brother to Jacob?

Zohar, Yael – “If So, Why Do I Exist?” (Gen. 25:22)