Buying a Torah Scroll

Do I really need to buy a Torah Scroll?

Buying a Sefer Torah Scroll is no small investment, and I don’t only mean it’s not cheap. The Torah is the single most sacred object in modern day Judaism. This isn’t the kind of purchase you want to mess up.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to go for the fanciest, most expensive option — on the contrary, I believe it’s wrong to pay more than you can afford for a Sefer (and I’m dedicated to finding affordable options). All I’m saying is that you ought to get what you set out to get and pay no more than you should.

So the first thing I recommend you ask yourself is: “Do I really need a Sefer Torah Scroll?”

Any Jewish community that wants to observe the traditional cyclical reading of the Torah on Sabbath and holidays has to have at least one scroll at its disposal. On various occasions, it’s customary to use more than one scroll at a time during the services and many communities find it convenient to have three or four scrolls and it’s not uncommon for a community to have three scrolls, five, six or even more.

Purchasing a Sefer Torah is considered by some the fulfillment of a religious commandment and generally thought of as reflecting the devotion of the people of Israel to God’s goodness and their willingness to put their beliefs into moral action.

If you or your community can afford to purchase a sefer and want to for one or more of the above reasons you might be interested in reading more about different types of Torah Scrolls.  If however the price of a Sefer Torah is not really within your budget you might want to consider one or more of the following:

  • Remembering your loved ones in a different way
  • Taking a Sefer Torah on loan
  • Raising funds for a Torah Scroll
  • Getting a refurbished Torah Scroll