Dvar Torah Index – Parashat Vayechi

פרשת ויחי

Parashat Vayechi (Gen. 47:28) with Rashi’s Commentary in Hebrew and English

Amital, R. Yehuda – “Draw Out Your Soul to the Hungry”

Bar-Ilan, Prof. Meir – A Numerological Note on Va-Yehi

Bar-Maoz, Yonah – “Not so, Father” (Gen. 48:18)

Bazak, R. Amnon – Yosef’s Teshuva

Sarfatti, Prof. Emeritus Gad Ben-Ami – Why Reuben Was Not King

Ben-Yashar, Menahem – A Father’s Testament to his Sons

Beasley, R. Yaakov – Yaakov’s Last Task

Bick, R. Ezra – Vayechi

Blau, R. Yitzchak – The Meaning of Yaakov’s Message to Dan

Brovender, R. Chaim – Vayechi 5766

Brovender, R. Chaim – Vayechi 5765

Brovender, R. Chaim – Vayechi 5764

Brovender, R. Chaim – Vayechi5763

Brovender, R. Chaim – Vayechi 5761

Brovender, R. Chaim – Vayechi 5760

Cohen, Dr. Gabriel H. – “You, your brothers shall praise”

Demsky, Prof. Aaron – “His Eyes are Darker than Wine”

Eldar, R. Itamar – “He Wished to Reveal the End”

Elkayam, Dr. Avraham – Jacob Our Father Did Not Die

Granot, R. Tamir – Yaakov’s Blessing

Grossman, R. Yonatan – Vayechi Yaakov – Vayechi Yosef

Haber, R. Yakov – Rachel’s Weeping and Tefila B’eis Tzara (2002)

Hakham, Amos – Jacob’s Address to His Sons (Gen. 47:28- 49:32)

Harlap, R. Yaakov – On the Character of Jacob

Hattin, R. Michael – Parashat Vayechi

Hattin, R. Michael – The Themes of Sefer Bereishit

Hattin, R. Michael – Yaacov’s Reassurance

Hattin, R. Michael – Ya’acov’s Death

Hattin, R. Michael – Ya’akov’s Last Request

Israel, R. Alex – Jewish Unity

Israel, R. Alex – The Burial of Jacob

Israel, R. Alex – Essential Lessons for the Jewish Future

Leibowits, Nechama – Vayechi

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – Menashe and Efraim

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – “And These Are the Tribes of Israel”

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – The Symphony of Tradition

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – “And Yosef Wept as They Spoke With Him”

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – “Each One According to the Blessing He Gave Them”

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – Yaakov’s Deathbed Rebuke

Medan, R. Yaakov – The Path of Repentance: A Response to Rav Yoel Bin-Nun

Medan, R. Yaakov – Rachel’s Death and Burial

Meron, Roni – Jacob’s Blessings to his Sons — Between Past and Future

Neuburger, R. Yaakov – Keeping Galus In Perspective (2007)

Rock, R. Yehuda – Yaakov’s Blessing to Yosef

Rimon, Rabbanit Sharon – Yosef – From Exile to Redemption

Rosenson, Dr. Israel – Lion and Ox

Rosensweig, R. Michael – Yaakov’s Final Spiritual Bequest to His Children (2009)

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayehi 5769

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayehi 5768

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayehi 5767

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayehi 5766

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayechi 5765

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayechi 5763

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Vayechi 5761

Sacks, R. Yonasan – The Legacy of Yaakov Avinu (2004)

Salant, Benjamin – Jacob’s Blessing

Samet, R. Elchanan – Ya’akov’s Last Bow: A Retrospective Look at the Life of our Patriarch

Samet, R. Elchanan – “They Are Mine, Efraim and Menashe”

Schachter, R. Herschel – Gam Zu Letova (2007)

Schachter, R. Hershel – Mesorah and Change (1999)

Shimon, R. Zvi – Jacob’s Last Wish

Silverberg, R. David – ”Our Patriarch Yaacov Never Died”

Sobolofsky, R. Zvi – Yosef’s Life: The Fitting Conclusion to Sefer Braishis (2004)

Sperber, Prof. Daniel – On the Blessing for Sons

Spiegel, Dr. Boaz – Rachel and the power of prayer

Waxman, R. Chanoch – The Tears of Yosef

Willig, R. Mordechai – Priority and Innovation (2001)

Yudin, R. Benjamin – Invest in Futures – G-d Does (2006)

Yudin, R. Benjamin – Just How Important You Are (2001)