Dvar Torah Index – Parashat Shelach Lecha

פרשת שלח-לך

Parashat Shelach Lecha with Rashi’s Commentary in Hebrew and English

Adler, R. Aaron – “The Land is Very Very Good

Ahrend, Prof. Moshe – Tzitzit: Form and Content

Amit, Mordechai – An Alternative Reading of the Passage on Tzitzit

Amital, R. Yehuda – Judging Favorably

Amital, R. Yehuda – An Unready Generation

Bazak, R. Amnon –  “You Shall Not Explore After Your Heart and After Your Eyes…”

Barkai, Dr. Yair – Seeing with the Heart

Bazak, R. Amnon – Moshe’s Prayers

Beasley, R. Yaakov – Moshe’s Missing Midot

Ben-Yashar, Menahem – The Story of the Spies

Ben-Yashar, Menahem – Order in the Bible

Berger, R. Micah – The Eight Strings of Tzitzis

Berkowitz, R. Matthew – Deliberate in Speech and Generous in Mercy

Berman, R. Saul – Tzitzit and Holiness

Brovender, R. Chaim – “Forgive now the iniquity of this people”

Brovender, R. Chaim – Anashim, Ish, and Name Changes

Buchwald, R. Ephraim – Long Term Consequences

Buchwald, R. Ephraim – “The Ma’ah’peelim: Forcing Their Way Into the Promised Land”

Chipman, R. Jonathan – The Transitional Generation

Chipman, R. Jonathan – Shelach Lechah (Torah, Haftarah, Midrash, Hasidism, Rambam, Psalms)

Chipman, R. Jonathan – Shelach Lechah (Mitsvot)

David, R. Avishai – Movin’ On Up

Drillman, R. Solomon – Rav Soloveitchik on Shelach (from a shiur given in 1974)

Eldar, R. Itamar — Chassidut on Shelach: Raising the Sparks (Noam Elimelekh, Kedushat Levi, Be’er Mayim Chayim)

Elon, R. Mordechai – The Sin of the Spies and the Obligation to be Involved in a Vocation

Elon, R. Mordechai – “From Har Sinai to Kivrot ha-Ta’avah”

Etshalom, R. Yitzchak – A Weeping for Generations: the Spies and Tish’a B’Av

Faur, Porf. Jose – Politics and Religion, Then and Now

Feigelson, R. Josh – Seeing Goodness

Feigelson, R. Josh – Wantonness and Remembrance

Frand, R. Yissocher – The Power of Ulterior Motives

Frisch, Prof. Amos – The Ma’apilim

new-icon8Frisch, Prof. Amos – Tzitzit and Korach

Gimani, Dr. Aaron – The Source of a Custom

Goldwicht, R. Meir – Shelach

Gordimer, R. Avraham – Parashat Shelach: Who is In Control?

Granot, R. Tamir –  The Differences Between Kalev and Yehoshua
in the Story of the Spies

Grossman, R. Yonatan – Military and Political Spying

Haber, R. Yakov – Yehoshua and Kaleiv: Two Mechanisms of Spiritual Success

Haber, R. Yakov – The Cheit HaM’rag’lim and Three Mitzvot

Hacohen, R. Aviya – The Order and Contents of Sefer Bamidbar + R. Yaakov Medan on “Did Moshe Sin in the Meraglim Incident”

Hattin, R. Michael – The Sending of the Spies

Hattin, R. Michael – “When You Enter the Land”

Hayman, Dr. Pinhas – The Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness

Henkin, R. Yehuda – The People’s Mandate vs. Moshe’s Mandate

Israel, R. Alex – Objective Truth

Israel, R. Alex – Who Sent the Spies?

Jacobson, R. Yosef Y. – Spiritual Schizophrenia

Kahn, R. Ari – Ye-Hoshua

Kahn, R. Ari – Of Spies and Men

Kahn, R. Ari –To Climb the Mountain

Kahn, R. Ari – The Spies

Kahn, R. Yair – Lack of Confidence, Lack of Faith

Lamm, R. Norman – 6 Sermons Spanning 3 Decades on Parashat Shelach Lecha

Lapin, R. David – Seeing Different vs. Looking Different (registration site, free)

Lapin, R. David – You DO Care What Others Think of You … and so You Should! (registration site, free)

Leff, R. Zev – Who’s in Charge?

Leibowitz, Nechama – Gilyonot – Had G-d Changed His Mind

Leibowitz, Nechama – Gilyonot – Accompanying Questions

Leibowitz, Nechama – Gilyonot – 5722 (1962)

Leibowitz, Nechama – Complete Gilyonot (in Hebrew)

Leibtag, R. Menachem – Questions and Shiur: Meraglim or Fact-Finding Mission

Leshem (Blobstein), R. Zvi – Chassidic Masters on Parashat Shelach (Mei ha-Shiloach, Sefat Emet, Rebbe Nachman mi-Breslev, Eish Kodesh)

Leshem (Blobstein), R. Zvi – Atheism, Fear, and Moral Relativisim

Leshem (Blobstein), R. Zvi – The Missing Shadow

Leshem (Blobstein), R. Zvi – Strings and Pipes

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – The Sin of the Golden Calf and the Sin of the Spies

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – Et Devar Hashem Baza

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – Tzitzit: Sanctification of the Profane

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – The Significance of Tzitzit

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – “Look at It and Remember All the Mitzvot of God”

Lichtenstein, R. Aharon – Consolation after the Sin of the Spies

new-icon8Lichtenstein, R. Mosheh – Materialism and Spirituality in Congregation of Korach

Lichtenstein, R. Mosheh – Moshe’s Leadership

Lichtenstein, R. Yechezkel – Spying and Exploring

Medan, R. Yaakov – The Mission of the Spies

Meir Simchah of Dvinsk — The Meshekh Chokhma on Shelach

new-icon8Morgenstern, Yossi – Why Ladders? A New Look at Rashi

Neria, R. Moshe Tzvi z”l – Kalev (p.2)

Neuburger, R. Yaakov – What’s In a Name

Rimon, Rabbanit Sharon – The Stick-Gatherer

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Moses Doesn’t Walk Among the People

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Suspect Leadership All Around

Riskin, R. Shlomo – “A Land which Devours its Inhabitants”

Riskin, R. Shlomo – The Ma’apilim and the Mitsvot that Follow

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Miriam’s Slander and the Spies’ Slander

Riskin, R. Shlomo – R. Soloveitchik on Seeing and Loving

Riskin, R. Shlomo – To “Scout Out” and To “Look Upon”

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Why Blame the Nation for G-d’s Command

Riskin, R. Shlomo – Like Grasshoppers in Their Eyes

Rosensweig, R. Michael – Parshat Shelach: The Transgression of the Meraglim

Rosensweig, R. Michael – Halachic Values in the Aftermath of the Episode of the Meraglim

Roth, Meir –  Between Human Endeavor and Religious Faith

Rozen, R. Yisrael – Those Who Plant in Faith will Reap in Love

new-icon5Sacks, Elli – Mei ha-Shiloah on Parashat Shelach Lecha

Sacks, R. Jonathan – Rav Soloveitchik on “Make Two Trumpets of Silver”

Sacks, R. Jonathan – Freedom Needs Patience

Sacks, R. Jonathan – A Judaism Without Walls

Sacks, R. Jonathan – Beyond the Fringe – Tsitsit as Inner Persona of Faith

Sacks, R. Jonathan – Adaptation of a Sicha by Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Samet, R. Elchanan – The Sin of the “Spies”

Samet, R. Elchanan – The “Ma’apilim”

Schneerson, R. Menachem Mendel – The Generation Gap

Schneerson, R. Menachem Mendel – The Vacuum of Choice

Shimon, R. Zvi – Spy vs. Spy

Silverberg, R. David – Chet ha-Meraglim and Other Sins

Sobolofsky, R. Zvi – Perception and Reality

Spiegel, Boaz – The Eight Strands in the Tzitzit

Taubes, R. Michale – Parashat Shelach:  Separating “Challah”

Touitou, Dr. Hazoniel  – A Tale of Two Poles

Walfish, R. Binyamin – Rav Soloveitchik on Parashat Shelach

Waxman, R. Chanoch – For I am the Lord that Heals You (Shemot 15:26): Of Spy Stories and Heroic Measures

new-icon10Wein, R. Berel – National Errors

Wein, R. Berel – What Went Wrong

Weis, R. Avi – The Meaning of Tzitzit

Willig, R. Mordechai – Do Not Stray After Your Eyes

Willig, R. Mordechai – Cheit Hameraglim: Then and Now

Yitzhaki, Dr. Ephraim – The Sin of the Spies

Yudin, R. Benjamin – Daily Double Acceptance of Mitzvot (1999)